Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jamie's Elsewhere - Discography

Genre: Screamo/Emo
Year: 2008

01.Life Ain't Easy When Your'e A Mythical Creature
02.I Didn't Mean To Interrupt 
03.Late Nights
04.The Lover Letter Collection
05.The Saint, The Sword And The Savior
06.The Politics Of Knife Fighting
07.Play Me Something Country
08.The Vicious Vixen With The Bread
09.Sweet Carolina Honey
10.Memories Make Good Company

They Said The Srorm Was Coming:


Genre: Post Hardcore/Electronic
Year: 2010

02.The Mapmaker
03.They Said The Storm Was Coming
04.Giants Among Common Men
05.One Foot In The Grave
06.The Prodigal
07.Visions In Sleep
09.A Slave A Son
10.The Lighthouse

Genre: Post Hardcore/Acoustic
Quality: 256Kbps
Year: 2012

01.I'll Make My Peace And Sink
02.Let's Pretend That We're Giants
03.One Foot In The Present Day
04.Prodigal son
05.Heavy Eyelids, Heavy Heart
06.Out Of Love

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